"Billboard Initiative" by the Bulgarian Bitcoin Community - Completed


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Total BTC Received: 0.844503 BTC
Sell Price: 1134.83 EUR/BTC
Withdraw to BitHope account: 958.37 EUR
Total taxes (bank + exchange): 3.631 EUR
Total amount sent to beneficiary: 1861.74 BGN
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We now have 1861.74 BGN to spend on the billboards (around 65 Euro more than than the required 890 Euro, after fees).

Voting on billboard design has already started. You can vote using this dedicated Facebook poll, by March 31.

We are also in the process of selecting the locations of the two billboards (each will be displayed for two weeks). Since most of the good billboard locations in Sofia are already booked, we are trying to find good ones for the summer months. Fingers crossed.


Campaign details

The Bulgarian Bitcoin community is vibrant and diverse.

So far, however, a single goal has not been identified or followed.

It is time to test the unity of the community by attempting to achieve a single purpose.

The Idea

The BitHope Foundation team researched the billboard (piza) availability in Sofia and received two offers for billboard display advertisement.

You can look at the offers, their display dates and see photos of the billboards themselves by following this link.

Here is a quick summary:

  • A billboard in a central part of Sofia or at a location with good human/car traffic, displaying two posters for two weeks* will cost between 700 and 800 Euro.
  • The printing of the poster will be around 100 Euro*.
  • A designer is willing to help us design "the message" for 50 Euro.

The Plan

Once the sum of 890 EUR (in bitcoin) is crowdfunded, we will:

  • Ask a designer to propose three poster drafts. All of them will have a QR code leading to "Chose Your Bitcoin Wallet" page of Bitcoin.org and space dedicated to logos.
  • Poster design drafts will be voted on at Sofia Crypto Meetup Facebook group (using a poll).
  • After a design is selected, any donor can send logo to be added to the design.
  • After all logos have been added - the poster will be send for printing.
  • Once printed, it will be delivered to the marketing agency, which will start displaying it on the agreed date (for one month).

The BitHope Foundation will take care of all project management activities.

Having in mind that the price of bitcoin reached new heights during the past days, it is a great time to use a small part of the gains for a socially valuable purpose.

Some Principles

  • Anyone can donate as a company or as a private person. Any logos that you might want to be displayed, will be added to the design.
  • Anyone willing to add a logo to the poster might be asked to provide proof of donation.
  • Upload your logo here: pCloud upload link.
  • The billboard location will be selected after a consultation with an expert (arranged by the BitHope Foundation).
  • The project management service (relations with third-parties, bitcoin security and bitcoin exchange), delivered by the BitHope Foundation, is complimentary.
  • If the sum of 890 Euro is not reached, the poster up-time will be reduced to two weeks.
  • If the generated sum is not sufficient for two-weeks-long display of the poster, all generated funds will go to a charity campaign at BitHope.org.
  • Any money leftovers, after successful display of the poster for two, four or more weeks, will be donated to a charity campaign at BitHope.org.
  • All invoices and exchange-related information will be made public.
  • Recommended minimum donation size is 15 Euro (persons) and 30 Euro (companies) bitcoin-equivalent.

For questions or comments, please use this dedicated Facebook post (in Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto Meetup SOFIA Group).

*The original idea was for one poster for one month, but two for two weeks was considered to be better.

We believe that the initiative will be great marketing for bitcoin, the local Bitcoin community and will resonate internationally.