SO What is BitHope?

The BitHope Foundation is unique!

The BitHope Foundation is the first Bulgarian non-governmental organization (NGO) in public benefit that uses ONLY cryptocurrency to generate funds for the campaigns hosted on the website

BitHope employs the power of the blockchain

Cryptocurrencies are slowly proving that they are the best form of currency that has been created by the human intellect. And here are some of the reasons why

BitHope is a fully registered NGO in the public benefit

The BitHope Foundation is the first NGO that is fully registered in accordance with Art. 33 of the Law on Nonprofit Legal Entities and accepts ONLY cryptocurrency donations

BitHope will provide at least 95% of all funds to the beneficiary

At least 95% of all generated funds go to the final beneficiary and we use the rest to continue helping others. We are financially rewarded ONLY if our campaigns receive meaningful funding

BitHope will provide you with essential followup

We understand that such acts of charity may deprive you from enjoying certain good or service for the sake of people or causes that are geographically distant from you

We are supported by NGO with proven track records

The BitHope Foundation works with established non-governmental organizations that have demonstrated their professionalism and integrity