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The Autism Today Association (ATA), is the first organization in Bulgaria to certify and qualify specialists in world-wide established therapeutic practices for children with autism. Since 2015, the Association has opened financially self-sustaining centers in the city of Sofia and the city of Pleven (in 2018).

These therapeutic establishments are visited by children with autism from all over Bulgaria. To address this demand, ATA is planning to open a third center in the city of Burgas in 2020.

The buildings of all educational centers are made available by the municipalities and are repaired only with donations. The initial training of the specialists working there is also funded with the help of donations.

The reconstruction and repair of the center in Burgas and the certification of the first specialists requires 12 000 EUR.

Thanks to the current campaign at, donations can also be made in cryptocurrency.

About the Autism Today Association

Autism Today is an association established by professionals in applied behavioral analysis, public figures and parents of children with autism, helping the cause for a dignified life of autistic individuals in Bulgaria and their families. The members of the Management Board of the Association are Mrs. Vladislava Tsolova, as well as popular Bulgarian personalities, friends of the cause in all her activities and initiatives. Thanks to their work, the first Center for Applied Behavioral Analysis in Sofia has been operating since October 2015. And from October 2018, the first Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Center for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Northern Bulgaria in Pleven. The buildings in which are the centers located are provided by the Metropolitan Municipality and the Municipality of Pleven. In addition to the exclusive support of the Municipality, the centers were built with the help of many donors.

On October 11, 2019, Autism Today Association officially opened the long-awaited Center for Applied Behavioral Analysis for children with Autism in Student City, Student Clinic.

The Association plans to open a Center for Applied Behavioral Analysis in Burgas in 2020.


The mission of the Autism Today Association is to create specialized centers for the provision of social services for children with autism, where therapy is performed by specialists using scientifically proven methods.

All ATA expert teams must adhere to global and European professional and ethical practice standards. All therapists must be certified by the American Board for Applied Behavior Analysis Therapists. 

The therapeutic programs are prepared with the help of supervisor Deena Singer. Deena is a Licensed Master of Social Work and Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 20 years experience helping children and their families live happier, more productive lives.

Types of Therapies in the Applied Behavioral Analysis Centers

All individual sessions are focused on assisting children in learning basic, socially relevant and functional skills.

The sessions include:

  • ABA Behavioral Therapy - covers all areas of childhood development (building and improving socially relevant behaviors and skills, as well as reducing those that impede learning and functioning in society)
  • Ergotherapy and sensory integration - develop and maintain daily self-care and work skills, work towards processing and organizing sensory information (appropriate for: hypersensitivity / hypersensitivity, hypoactivity / hyperactivity, problems with body coordination and motor skills)
  • Logopedic work - suitable for children with articulation difficulties
  • Psychological work - suitable for emotional and social difficulties
  • Working with a social educator towards academic achievement (reading, writing, math, etc.)

Information About Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavioral Analysis is a science that looks at the learning and functioning of a behavior. ABA is based on the basic laws that it applies to behavior so that it facilitates all aspects of learning. In addition, ABA identifies and reduces unwanted behaviors that impede the child's progress.

АBA includes many techniques. These techniques are applied to behavior in the context of the environment and the situation in which it occurs. This allows us to identify the purpose of a behavior and to develop strategies to learn new, socially acceptable and effective ways of communicating, self-care, play and coping in a learning and social environment.