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There are between 3000 and 4000 abandoned children in Bulgaria.

Some of them are physically fit, while others suffer from physical or mental disabilities. Most of them are raised in social institutions, but due to the streamlining of adoption and fostering procedures in recent years, their access to a healthier environment has improved. Although they do continue to experience many forms of scarcity in their lives, they are recipients of financial aid coming from the government, are subjects of the efforts of many non-profit organizations and receive donations from numerous legal and natural persons.

Unfortunately, there is a worrisome tendency that has formed in the last 10 years in the poorest of the EU member states.

The number of single parent households has been steeply rising. These lonely mothers, widows/widowers are usually surviving only on social benefits (67-90 USD/month) and child support (23 USD/month) due to a medical condition and lack of relatives. The number of children in families with two triple-disabled parents and that of fully-orphaned children living with kith and kin, has also increased significantly.

No social program is directed towards these groups and they are left to survive on funds which are two or more times lower than the bare minimum.

Supporting such groups has become an important mission to the “Nadezhda” Foundation ("nadezhda" means “hope” in Bulgarian), established to help disadvantaged children. 
The “Every child deserves a holiday” campaign has the aim to generate funds, which will be divided into equal sums and will be donated to families (households), forced to survive below the minimum living standards, on big national, international, historic, cultural, religious holidays, Easter, Christmas, the International Children’s Day, International Day of Families, or on personal holidays such as birthdays or namedays.

Because each child deserves a holiday.