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This month (September 20015) the library celebrates 10 years since its creation. At the beginning it was a personal project for categorization of texts in electronic format, but during the years it turned into something much more important. In the last ten years, the project has survived three major threats from different organizations. None of them was successful in shutting down this non-commercial library, on the contrary, they all made it even stronger.

After converting the library into a virtual machine, even if the domain is stopped, the existence of "My Library" cannot be endangered.

Its founders do not deny the existence of many problems related to the quality of texts and some related to the project’s organization. However, looking at the achievements so far, it cannot be said that little effort has been invested in the digital library. It has undoubtedly contributed to the increased number of readers in Bulgaria.

Apart from your bitcoin donation, whoever wishes to help support the library may do it by providing:

* Technician proficiency in PHP, JavaScript, SQL (sub and general commercial scale of this project is already too large to be serviced by the current number of volunteers);
* Technician proficiency in CSS3, HTML5;
* Technician proficiency in Linux (CentOS, Debian), Docker.

100% of the funds sent to this campaign go directly to The BitHope Foundation has no control over the received funds or on how they are spent. The Bitcoin address of this campaign is the official Bitcoin address for donations to as announced on this page.

Our incentive to promote this campaign is a moral one.