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What is our goal?

To raise financial means to provide psychological help to children, youngsters and adults with 70% to 100% disabilities.

In the municipality of Antonovo this group of people is significant. The group occupies a region that is 40 km away from Antonovo and up to 100 km from the regional center - the town of Turgovishte. These people have limited access to quality healthcare services and wheelchair accessibility is very limited (non-existing).

We want to bring healthcare services, provided by a trained psychologist to 20 beneficiaries. Such sessions can improve the mental health and the micro climate in their families.

We want to see the spark in the children`s eyes, give hope to our brothers and sisters and provide decent old-age days for our parents.

Help us provide hope for a better life to these people.

Association "Hope for Antonovo" was created in 2014. Our aims are to create conditions for development and promotion of civil involvement in the local community, help integrate ethnic, age, social and other groups with limited integration, help children at risk, gifted children, and children with disabilities, so they can actively participate in the local and regional policy for protection and development of culture, and work for the preservation, development and promotion of local traditions and folklore.

Our mission is to merge the opportunities in the community through the establishments of partnerships with local authorities, businesses, government and NGOs in order to work together for the welfare of citizens.