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The generated funds for this campaign have been transferred to the bank account of Centre for Inclusive Education, determined in the contract between the non-profit and the BitHope Foundation.

Details regarding the bitcoin exchange (at Kraken) and information regarding the bank transfer to the Centre for Inclusive Education can be downloaded above.

We are currently waiting for the materials that will prove the receipt and proper spending of the funds. Once these are provided they will be uploaded here as well.

Once again, a big THANK YOU to all the donors!

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Campaign Details:

Our cause: Quality education and equal opportunities for adopted/fostered children with learning difficulties, who have spent their early years in an institution. 

How do we achieve it?
The Centre for Inclusive Education will provide additional support from psychologist and speech and language therapist for adopted or fostered children who experience learning difficulties at school. Unfortunately, having a new family could not fully compensate the lack of family and personal care in the very important yearly years of child development. Being raised in an institution in the age from 0 to 3 has a negative effect on the entire emotional, psychological and cognitive development of the child. Most of these children need additional support to be able to learn together with their peers. Timely and professional evaluation of their needs is very important for improving self-esteem and overcoming difficulties by adopting specific strategies for self-help and improving achievements at school.

Why do we help?
Children with learning difficulties because of dyslexia or traumatic childhood are often labeled as “stupid” and “lazy” at school. Even worse - children start to think of themselves as “stupid” and “lazy” and feel guilty for their disability to learn. 

Who is Jivko the Giraffe?
Jivko is a cute giraffe, a symbol of our campaign and the main character in the children’s book “The Giraffe That Did Not Fit in The Book”. Five years ago Yana Kazakova – author and illustrator of the book give it as a present to the CIE, we together decided that the money raised by the sales will be spent for providing additional support for children with learning difficulties. Since December 2010 with the funds from the campaign we have provided 746 consultations with specialist to children with learning difficulties.

How can we help together?
With a donation of 1000 lv (512 euro) the Centre for Inclusive Education will provide 40 consultations with psychologist and speech and language therapist for children with learning difficulties who had spent their early years in institutions.

About Centre for Inclusive Education
Centre for Inclusive Education (CIE) is a Bulgarian non-governmental organisation, which main aim is to promote inclusive education and make it happen for every child. CIE continues the 10-year work of Save the Children UK in Bulgaria. We believe that every child should be given the chance to be accepted and valued. Many of our projects and programs are aimed at children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, hyperactivity with attention deficits, autism, etc. We know that this big group of children is undeservedly neglected, unrecognized and undefended. We are working for social inclusion and quality education for all children and to protect those in need. Our team works with parents, teachers, managers, professionals, local and state authorities, business organizations, colleagues from the country and abroad – and we are happy to see the change that happens gradually. We are happy when the children - all children - have the opportunity to develop their skills and talents and to live a happy childhood.