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Empowering Bulgarian Changemakers: Support!

Imagine you're looking to get involved with a cause you care about in Bulgaria, but you're not sure where to start. That's where the Bulgarian NGO Information Portal ( steps in. This website is a comprehensive resource center for everything related to non-profit organizations (NGOs) in Bulgaria. It is often referred to as The Media of Bulgarian NGOs.

We Help the NGOs

Bulgaria's NGOs do incredible work, but they need a platform to be heard. Media coverage is a privilege not everyone can afford. That's what the Bulgarian NGO Information Portal provides free of charge. We maintain a vast database of active NGOs, allowing various organizations to share information about their campaigns, contests, events, and more. With over 2,000 posts annually, our platform is a hub for NGO activity. Additionally, our team of regional correspondents highlights the work of local non-profit organizations, with over 200 articles published so far. A section of the Portal is dedicated to presenting abundant funding opportunities for different civic initiatives.

We Help Active Citizens

The Portal offers numerous opportunities for people of all ages to get involved in NGO causes as donors or volunteers. Our careers section provides chances to start or advance a career in the NGO sector across various fields. For students, especially those in social sciences, we offer an extensive library of resources and customized searches among the work of hundreds of NGOs. We also offer internships for young talented individuals interested in civic activism, where they can research NGOs of their choice and write about their work, challenges, and achievements.

We Help Socially Responsible Businesses

We promote the socially responsible programs and initiatives of Bulgarian corporate donors. We advise businesses on potential partnerships with NGOs and help them connect with the entire NGO community in the country. To our corporate partners, we provide media coverage of their programs and the results achieved by their grantees.

We Need Your Support

By donating to the portal, you're not just supporting our website; you're giving a voice to the entire vibrant NGO community in Bulgaria. With your help, the Portal will continue to be the place where NGOs can freely share opportunities, ideas, and work together for a greater impact on our society. Supporting us means supporting the entire Bulgarian NGO ecosystem. It's an investment that empowers us to keep this ecosystem alive and drive positive change in Bulgaria’s development.

Help us raise 25,000 EUR by the end of 2024. This will allow us to maintain the website and ensure its growth in 2025.

About the NGO Portal

The Information Portal for NGOs in Bulgaria was launched in January 2010 and is maintained by the Programme and Analytical Centre for European Law (PACEP) Foundation. The core expenses for its functioning are covered by donor programs. The portal is not a commercial project and exists for non-profit purposes.

The mission of the NGO Portal is to facilitate and promote the sharing of up-to-date information about the Bulgarian NGO sector that benefits the organizations themselves, donors, socially responsible businesses, and all those interested in civil society organizations, their activities, and their results.

Join us in supporting the Bulgarian changemakers and make a difference today!