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Devastating Flood in Bugras Municipality

Despite the preventive measures taken by the local government institutions, Burgas municipality suffered a devastating flood that resulted in loss of life and property. According to initial estimates, the cost of the damage is around 4M BGN. Nearly half of that sum is urgently needed for the rebuilding of essential infrastructure, such as streets and bridges.

Apart from governmental property, damage has been dealt to private infrastructure as well. The only financial help from the state that the affected individuals can hope is an one-off aid worth 326 BGN and building materials.

The most affected areas include the village of Ravnets, the neighborhoods Gorno Ezerovo and Dolno Ezerovo, the village of Bratovo, and the village of Cherni Vrah.

The Bulgarian Crypto Community

The BitHope Foundation was created in order to serve as a bridge between the crypto community and socially significant causes. Being true to its original purpose, is organizing a crowdfunding campaign supporting the victims of the Burgas municipality floods.

All generated cryptocurrency will be exchanged for BGN and transferred to the bank account of the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC).

In accordance to information from the BRC, the funds will be managed by a Public Council, which is currently being formed on the basis of the expert assessments of the needs of the affected population.

Now is the perfect time to show that the Bulgarian Crypto Community is not composed of criminals, black marketers, Ponzi schemers and tax-evaders, but by empathetic people willing to help their fellow citizens in times of need.

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Send a bit of hope to Burgas municipality!

The BitHope Foundation Team