Support the “Help 35 Children Attend Kindergarten” Campaign - Completed


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Total BTC Received: 0.1492 BTC
Sell Price: 587.899 EUR/BTC
Withdraw to BitHope account: 87.714 EUR
Total taxes (bank + exchange): 0 EUR
Total amount sent to beneficiary: 171.55 BGN
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All generated bitcoins were converted into Euro through Kraken and were sent to the "Equilibrium" Association in the form of Bulgarian leva (via bank transfer). The documents relating to the bitcoin exchange and bank transfer are available for download above. EUR/BGN exchange rate is the standard one, provided by the Bulgarian National Bank: 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN

All individual donation certificates and donation invoices, were provided by the "Equilibrium" Association on 16.08.2016 and can be downloaded from the supporting documentation link below.

Thanks to the the donations of the Bitcoin community, 22 families received financial support enabling their children to continue attending kindergarten.

A big thank you to all of you!

Details about the campaign:

The campaign aims at fundraising money for 35 children from families living in poverty in Kamenovo Municipality, Bulgaria. The generated funds will be used for paying the yearly kindergarten for these kids. The children will learn Bulgarian language and will acquire hygienic and eating habits. Тhey will open their perception of the world and will be prepared for the next stage – entering school with habits, as developed as in other children.

About the "Equilibrium" Association

The Association was registered in 1999 by a group of psychologists. Its work is devoted to the personal development and social integration of Roma youth and children, supporting people with disabilities, and promotion volunteering habits among young people. Together with volunteers, the Association works towards the prevention of risky behavior during adolescence.