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Objective: Create an unparalleled digital curriculum for anyone who desires to learn nanotechnology

Goal: Raise funds to create interactive videos to illustrate our unprecedented digital nanotechnology curriculum 


Omni Nano’s mission is to educate and inspire today’s youth to become tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs of nanotechnology for their own prosperity as well as the greater good of our global communities. We believe that by learning nanotechnology as early as high school, students around the world will be better prepared for their professional careers in the globalized, high-tech economy of the 21st century. One of our primary goals is to create and disseminate a high-quality nanotechnology education for learners across the globe, with an initial focus on our local Southern California communities. We envision future generations who are educated in and passionate about nanotechnology. 

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of technology, embracing concepts from chemistry, physics, molecular biology, materials science, electrical and mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, and computer science. Nanotechnology will be foundational to the 21st-century industrial revolution, forecasted to bring fundamental changes to the local economies as well as our global society, engender breakthroughs in technology, and prolong life expectancy. 

Why Nanotechnology?

Despite its growing importance, nanotechnology is not commonly taught before graduate school, mainly due to a lack of educational materials, creating a vast disconnect between current science curricula and modern “real world” science, technology, engineering and mathematics applications. Omni Nano’s curriculum and other educational materials teach numerous exciting applications of nanotechnology, making it possible for students to find at least one they identify with. By teaching nanotechnology through practical applications, we connect the dots between classroom and career, helping students understand what it means to apply this knowledge in the real world. 

Nanotechnology Curricula

Omni Nano is developing comprehensive educational resources for teaching nanotechnology at the secondary and early post-secondary school levels. Once complete, our curriculum will be used to offer a two-semester elective science course to high school students and a one-semester general education science course to university undergraduates. In fact, the curriculum developed thus far (approximately half of our goal) is already having a positive effect on students’ future career paths. Nanotechnology courses based on our curricula are currently being taught at schools in California, Connecticut, and New York, as well as by online institutions reaching students all across the US and around the world. Science teachers across the country can follow suit and implement our high-quality nanotechnology in their classrooms and lessons on their timetables. 

More Information

For more information, please visit Omni Nano's official website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests for documentation.

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