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Radi was 4 years old when his mother promised to buy him the Superman backpack which he wanted so much. He would have used it for school when he grows up, but also  for his swimming practice - he should take his medals home somehow, right? He would have used it for excursions – all students go to “green” schools. He would have gone fishing with it – after all, his father used to take him fishing every summer.

Yes, he sure would have done all those things… Just a month before Christmas a tragic accident took the life of both of his parents. On that day his mother didn’t pick him up from kindergarten. He started that morning with a backpack full of dreams, which suddenly became empty.

The funds will be used to educate and raise over 500 children in a healthy environment, including  remuneration of foster parents and all professionals - pedagogues, psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, psychiatrists, etc. who care to overcome deficits in  child’s development and to encourage its talents.

Some children don’t have parents, some are separated from them or don’t know them at all. In SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria over 500 children get the chance to grow up with a family. They need your support now. No child should have to grow up alone.

Donate and BECOME A GUARDIAN ANGEL of a child at risk. Help us preserve the most magical period in one’s life – childhood - so a backpack can be filled with memories and realized ambitions.

About SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria

SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria is the first civil rights organization in the country that provides direct care for children at risk. For the first time after the democratic changes in the country, thе Association gives an alternative to the institutional care for children – care in an SOS family. SOS Children’s Villages Bulgaria is part of the big international SOS Children’s Villages family, which cares for approximately 1,000,000 children in 135 countries all over the world.

For 27 years, our Association has helped over 525 children receive family care and support and has assisted over 258 adolescents in receiving education and finding a job. So far, through our programs for family assistance, 5278 children have received support in their families – this is one of the most effective programs of the organization, which helps families at risk to stay together and not abandon their kids.