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"As of this day, I define myself as a person who hasbeen successful in life. I have a job that makes me feel happy. I have reachedspiritual and material achievements. I am ready to continue my tradition withmy family. "

Shteri Petrova,

Grew up in the SOS hostfamily of Mama Nushka

It's Hard to Get a Second Chance, But it is Easy to Give

She was one of the children who received a second chance ... It happened in 1993, when she settled at Mama Nushka’s home at SOS Children's Village of Tryavna. Previously, she had lived in an institutional home. She had parents, but they could not take care of her.

When she first crossed the threshold of House number 1, where Mama Nushka lived, Shteri was eight. Everyone was waiting for her, and she was a bit scared because she did not know what to expect. Nushka welcomed her and hurried to show Shteri her new family - Plamen who was 6 years old and Tanya at 3 years old. That's how the careless childhood of Shteri began. Since she was the oldest, every night at bedtime she read tales to her brother and sister. The days passed and their family grew. Mitko arrived when he was only a year and a half, then Acho and Diddy. They became inseparable friends.

This is the foster family in which Shteri grew up - the family of Mama Nushka - the woman who gave a second chance to these children, the woman who created the feeling of family, coziness, solidarity, friendship, affection and respect. Words fail to describe this woman who continues to bring them together even today, even though it has been 25 years!

Today, Shteri is 34 years old. A Successful manager. And SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria continues to support 73 SOS foster families.

Give a second chance to children to whom life has been cruel and unfair!

During the Christmas holidays the need for family comfort, warmth and affection is the most intense, but it is important that every child lives every day, surrounded by love, tranquility and security. 

The team of SOS Children's Villages Bulgaria wishes you and your families a bright and blessed Christmas, healthy and successful New Year 2019!

Thank you for your support!