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Bitcoin fans in Bulgaria have their own community and many share their passion for bitcoin in the forum. The portal was created by a young bitcoin enthusiast in the spring of 2013. is the first and biggest bitcoin forum in the country and is constantly developing. Today, it is one of the primary Bulgarian sources of information regarding cryptocurrencies. 

The forum brings together bitcoin enthusiasts, miners, finance professionals and investors and provides them with the opportunity to express their opinions on bitcoin-related subjects freely, in a pleasant online environment.

Many of the forum’s users look for the opinion of more advanced users. is convenient and helpful to anyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies and all members help each other. The forum includes a section called “Promoting”, where anyone can post their business/project, accepting or using bitcoin, thus allowing for free publicity.

The website is self-sustained and all proceeds that it receives are invested in its support and development. Currently there are more than 1700 registered users, half of which are active most of the time. The forum has a Facebook page that helps it promote the bitcoin idea.

All of the funds sent to this campaign go directly to the forum. The BitHope Foundation has no control over the received funds or on how they are spent. The Bitcoin address of this campaign is the official Bitcoin address for donations to the forum as announced on this page

Our incentive to promote this campaign is a moral one.