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The campaign aims at raising bitcoins of hope to raise awareness of character strengths among 300 students in Bulgaria by involving them to participate in 15 character workshops, conducted in class in their own primary schools.

Currently, people are all living in the most complicated, unpredictable and challenging society, which has ever existed. To flourish in these circumstances, as research indicates, kids and adults need as much academics, knowledge and hard data as wellbeing and character, emotions and soft skills. This is what positive education and character education stand for: securing in kindergartens and schools worldwide a healthy balance between academics on one side and wellbeing and character on another, between rigidity and flexibility, failure and success… all in conscious attempts to nurture resilience, perseverance and teamwork in kids, our societies’ future leaders and followers, employers and employees, politicians, bankers, doctors, lawyers…

To help nurture greater wellbeing and character in kids in our communities,, a pioneer in positive education and character education in Bulgaria, is planning to conduct a new series of character workshops for students in this 2017-2018 academic year. So far, has done 11 character workshops in 5 schools in Blagoevgrad region, Southwest Bulgaria, reaching over 200 students, first to fourth graders. The positive feedback we receive from kids, teachers and parents on our efforts in general inspires us to dream bigger and scale our activities wider. With this new series of workshops, we want to introduce, discuss and work on character strengths with 300 additional students in 15 new schools from 15 different towns in Bulgaria: all 14 municipal towns in Blagoevgrad region as well as in capital city Sofia.

Being a nonprofit organisation, to be able to implement these plans in full, relies on your support, too! We need to purchase an own multimedia projector to be more interactive in our workshops and be able to play videos on wellbeing and character as a more interesting way to feature character strengths to kids. We also need to secure our workshops with a diversity of relevant materials and means kids can use to practice character strengths in class as well as to be able to individualize our approach as much to every single student and class participating. We also need to cover our transportation costs to be able to reach kids in all target schools and towns. The minimum viable resources we need to conduct the campaign in full total approximately 950 euros. has previously received support from BitHope’s community of hope-givers. We truly hope to continue putting efforts together in nurturing greater wellbeing and character in kids in Bulgaria!

You can find additional information for us by visiting our Facebook page, writing to us at [email protected], or giving us a call at 00 359 877 731 236.

Thank you!