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A "Diabetes, prediabetes and metabolic syndrome" National Association (DiP) campaign

Objective: Establish a center for support and integration of children and young people with diabetes 

Goal: Fundraising campaign to create a friendly place for children and young people with diabetes


  • Provide consultations for youth and children with diabetes and their parents
  • Organize meetings, debates, workshops in schools - in classes with children and young people with diabetes
  • Arrange Improvisational Theater with the participation of children and young people to overcome barriers and to build a confidence
  • Prepare of summer and winter camps and workshops for children and young people with diabetes
  • Organize online meetings and webinars
Children and young people with diabetes are usually at risk of social exclusion, they don't have the necessary support and understanding from the others. Due to lack of information their peers, teachers, neighbors and friends often don't understand them, reject them, avoid them, even offend them. Young people with diabetes begin avoid social contacts, refuse many opportunities for social and professional development, some don't continue their education.

If the center for support and integration of children and young people with diabetes in Sofia be created, the young people with diabetes will learn to be more courageous in expressing and asserting their opinions to their peers, parents, teachers, employers. They will learn to share and to looking for help. Their peers will be more empathy, will learn more about diabetes and how to provide assistance and support in critical situations. In Sofia will be create a very attractive place - friendly place for children and young people with diabetes and for all who want to be part of a sunny and smiling youth community.

About the organization:

DiP–Sofia is a non-profit organisation with activities in healthy lifestyle, educational, youth, environmental and social activities. 

The objectives of DiP are:

  • to arrange seminars, screenings for diabetes, volunteering, building capacity, healthy lifestyle
  • to prevent people that are in high risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome to become diabetics and to improve their knowledge on modern methods of treatment and prevention
  • to promote of active and responsible citizenship among young people
  • to promote volunteering in health care field
  • to help young people with fewer opportunities that are in risk of exclusion
Our recent activities:

  • health information campaigns, campaigns and on-line educations for patients
  • taking part in the Festival of the education, European congress of obesity, events for informal educational methods
  • events for promoting of volunteering in Sofia with 25 NGOs and 130 volunteers
  • simultaneously event about healthy lifestyle and diabetes in 20 towns in Bulgaria with 1000 volunteers young people and diabetics
  • seminars in Sofia about healthy lifestyle
  • workshops about role of the physical activity
  • information meetings about volunteering and youth programs in several high schools in Sofia
  • Youth exchanges and youth workers training in Austria, Turkey, Italy, France, Poland  
  • The Parad of volunteering
  • Taking part in European congress of obesity
  • Seminars and meetings in Sofia, Velingrad etc. about healty lifestle and life of disadvantaged youth