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This Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association (NSOTA) project aims to financially support all stages of preparing the Bulgarian natural science teams for the international Olympiads. Organizing and conducting National workshops on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Informatics, Mathematical Linguistics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, as well as supporting the Young Physicists Academy, are critical for the good performance of Bulgarian youths at the Olympic Forums.


The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Culture covers the participation fees and travel expenses of the Olympic science teams related to the International Olympiads. It also covers the costs of the contests at municipal and regional levels, whose finalists form the national Olympic team in each of the disciplines. However, the support of the Ministry does not include the most important aspect - the theoretical and practical preparation of the national teams.


The main mission of Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association is to provide financial resources, to organize and support all activities that accompany the process of development and training of young scientists, and help them reach their highest potential. The emanation of concerted effort, patience and dedication would be the excellent performance on the international level.

Long-Term Impact

In the long run, the goals and mission of NSOTA are focused on the continued support of the Olympic Natural Science Teams. Taking into account the global trends in natural sciences, the related business environment, and governmental support for youth development, the Association's team holds faith and hope for a high performance and prestigious awards, as well as the continuous professional realization of its main asset - the young Olympians.

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