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The Footura Association is planning to organize five open sports festivals - Blorange - in 2020 (from blue and orange - Footura's colors). The events will be dedicated to three types of sports - tennis, table tennis, and soccer. During the festivals, the non-profit will run informational campaigns helping all participants learn about various vocational opportunities.

The events will have a mass character where the value of participation in sports, Fairplay and friendship, motivation and active lifestyle culture, social work and commitment, as well as volunteering will all be promoted.

In line with Footura's Charity Model, all participants in the activities will able to donate funds to personal or social causes that will be supported together with the association.*

Challenges and Solutions

Bulgaria is lagging behind its European peers in terms of people regularly involved in sports. The public sports infrastructure is either broken-down or simply missing. The country is ranks highly in terms of youth obesity, cigarette and drug abuse, and alcohol consumption. Bulgaria is facing significant challenges in addressing social exclusion, lack of tolerance, and aggression in young people.

With the Blorange day festivals the Footura Association aims to achieve three main goals:
  • Involve various social groups, focusing on youth, people of active age and vulnerable people in active sports activities;
  • Build an effective support mechanism for socially significant or individual causes. Nourish a culture of volunteering and philanthropism among adults and amateur sportsmen.
  • Improve the participants' health and social inclusion status, physical culture, mental stability, self-esteem, teamwork skills, and social behavior.
Sports activities are not only a healthy necessity but also a social alternative to preventing many of the above-mentioned risks and issues; sport is also a social and well-being opportunity. Through the Blorange sports festivals, the Footura Association will contribute to solving these individual and public problems. By providing the youths with new knowledge, information, capabilities, opportunities, and venues to apply their skills, the non-profit will support their sustainable social integration. The Footura team believes that social justice is an important feature of developed societies and continues to develop the best practices in their field of activity.

The donations generated through the BitHope Foundation will be used to purchase the necessary sports equipment, pay the rent of the sports facilities, fund the rewards for participants, and sponsor the overall management of the five sports festivals. All events will be completely free of charge for participants.

*The first Footura campaigns in 2013 were dedicated to donating and organizing sports charity tournaments. In 2019 through the Sports Charity League campaign (also supported by BitHope), Footura donated 500 BGN for personal causes - learn more here. The model is maintained and anyone who has the opportunity can donate during the Blorange sporting events for future personal or social causes that will be supported by the Association.