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Sports Charity League combines free sports for children and adolescents (including trainingс, instructors, tournaments, etc.) and charitable tournaments for amateurs, through which  funds for various social causes are raised. Sports Charity League is a tournament-like sport/social activity organized by the Association for development of sport and sports culture "Footura". Its goals include the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, social inclusion and equality, and prevention of addictions - all aimed primarily at children and young people.

The problem that Sports Charity League tries to solve is not a single one and it is not only related to the inability of children and teenagers to be engaged in sport activities effectively and for free; the program covers essential topics related to the education of young people to healthy, inclusive, social, motivational and other practices; it also helps the nourishment of a donation culture among adults; the charitable activities contribute directly to the tackling of health problems among people in need.

The beneficiaries of the campaign - children and adolescents - will be able to select and practice their favorite sport in an organized manner - in the presence of coaches, organizers, known athletes, and an audience. Various competitions with trainings, demonstrations and competitive purposes will be organized for advanced youngsters. The effect on amateurs (over 18 y.o.) will be the showcasing of the "sport with a cause" model as charity initiative, useful to society. All funds that may be collected during the charity tournaments for amateurs will be used to support children and adults with health problems.