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With the realization of Sports Charity League - Part 2, we are trying to upgrade the activities of the previous campaign. During the first part we combined free sports for children and adolescents (including trainings, instructors, tournaments, etc.) and charitable tournaments for amateurs, through which funds for various social causes were raised. Now in Part 2 we will stress on Sports Charity League as a tournament-like sport/social activity throughout the country. Our goals include organizing charitable tournaments for amateurs, through which funds for various social causes are raised. The sport events will promote a healthy lifestyle, social inclusion and equality, volunteering, and prevention of addictions - all aimed primarily at children, young people, vulnerable groups and amateur sportsmen.

Challenges and Solutions 

Bulgaria is lagging behind its European peers in terms of regularly sporting people. It is also a leader in population obesity, cigarette and drug abuse, alcohol consumption in the age 13-18. The country also has serious problems with social exclusion, aggression in young people, and lack of tolerance. The culture of volunteering is undeveloped, and most people have no confidence in charitable and donor campaigns. Although we have accomplished much, when it comes to the use of sport activities as a social and inclusive instrument, there is still a lot to be done. Different approaches are needed to address the issues above.

With Sports Charity League we aim to achieve three main goals:
  • Increase the sport intensity for various social groups across the country, focusing on young and vulnerable people; 
  • Build an effective support mechanism for socially significant or individual causes in different parts of Bulgaria;
  • Nourish a culture of volunteering and philanthropism among adults and amateur sportsmen.

Sport can be one of the solutions in the non-profit sector, used to address a wide variety of fundamental personal and social problems. Sports Charity League has the potential to improve the participants' health and social inclusion status, physical culture, mental stability, self-esteem, teamwork skills, anti-discrimination practices and social behavior.

Sport is not only a healthy necessity, but also a social alternative to preventing many of the above-mentioned risks. Sport also provides a social and improved well-being opportunities. We are confident that the national impact of the campaign will produce positive results for the society by increasing the potential of our young generation. 

We believe that social justice is an important feature of developed societies and we will work to develop the best practices in our field of activity. 

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