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Have you heard the news? Children don’t want to read or learn anything nowadays! Previous generations were much smarter! Period!

It is easy to make such claims based on comparing results from standardized tests throughout the years. Well, if you dig deeper, it turns out school education has not changed much in the past two decades in Bulgaria. The students, however, have. That is why we believe we should challenge teachers around the country to try new, more adequate methods of education that will engage children in a more successful way. 

Our way of doing it consists of:

  • Giving annual awards for implementing innovative practices in the classroom, which will incentivize teachers who have dared to shake things a bit
  • Distributing case studies of good practices, which will provide teachers with ideas and peer examples that it is possible to make a change
  • Organizing webinars for knowledge sharing on important yet often neglected topics 

After a year in half of hard work on the project, we have already proven that we are cable of following through. And the feedback is extremely positive. That is why we would like to speed things up and some extra funds will definitely help us with content creation and distribution.

With this particular campaign, we would like to allocate all of the amount donated to our cause to the organization and awareness creation of the upcoming webinars we have on our list. The topics that we would like to explore are as follows:

  • Collaboration between teachers and parents
  • Emotional intelligence in the classroom
  • Beyond the grades: alternative evaluation methods

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