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Overall description

Yoppee is a mobile app that is completely free to use and puts youth and sports opportunities together: available for all people from all countries and all ages. By providing the youths with new knowledge, information, capabilities, opportunities, and venues to apply their skills, Footura will support their sustainable social participation. The Footura team believes that social justice is an important feature of developed societies and continues to develop the best practices in their fields of activity. Relying on the effective practices we have developed throughout the years, as well as the experience gained by working with partner organizations, we want to create a direct positive opportunity to reach young people, people of active age, and vulnerable people. 

Challenges and Solutions

Bulgaria is in the queue among many European and other countries based on indicators such as youth immobilization, early use of addictive substances, early pregnancy, qualification and education, lack of motivation to participate in public life (high rate of NEETs - Not in Education, Employment, or Training), etc. All this leads to additional bad consequences for several systems in the country - health, education (higher), social, labor, and more. 

We believe that sport and youth empowerment are the universal tools at the social and individual level and can be used much more actively for informing, motivating, creating new opportunities of all types, social inclusion, prevention of anti-social events, personal and professional growth, and more.

What is Yoppee?

Yoppee is an Android application for personal development accessible to anyone. It provides access to:
  • information on sports activities and what constitutes a healthy lifestyle;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • exchange of ideas and opportunities;
  • wellness;
  • information about opportunities to participate in various projects, exchanges, competitions, internships, jobs, initiatives;
  • announcements of promotional and free products and services;
  • sport opportunities for people with disabilities;
  • additional educational materials, useful tools, training materials, strategies, and strategy papers on youth and sport topics;
  • youth and sports events from various sources (Eventbrite, Facebook, Eventful + own);
  • and more...

There is a strong emphasis on cooperation in the fields of social, health-focused, inclusive, and mass sports events. 

With Yoppee Footura aims to achieve the following main goals:
  • Involve various social groups, focusing on youth, people of active age, and vulnerable people. Create appropriate information and empowerment campaigns (raise awareness, improve capacity, create opportunities)
  • Gain 10 times more users for a year and then activating all app options. Currently, the application has about 120 active people, mostly Bulgarian young people. Our goal is to join the other popular app store - the iPhone one.
  • Improve the participants' satisfaction with the use of the product, also their health and social status, physical culture, mental stability, self-esteem, teamwork skills, social behavior, and opportunities.
  • Develop active communication concerning youth and sports issues.
  • Involve directly in sport and healthy activities many participants, especially those who don't do it in general, who are not motivated or don't have the conditions to do so.
  • Create a sense of belonging and innovation for the people involved.

More about Yoppee

Find detailed information on using the app here.

*The application is totally free of charge for the users and no in-app purchases options

**Yoppee is created by Association Footura which aims to provide equal opportunities to everyone, with the main focus on youth and sports. 

The funds generated through the BitHope Foundation will be used for:
  • A mobile application full app fee for 600 EUR per 1 year, which includes a ready platform, many functionalities, safe and optimized for use, can be used by both Android and iOS devices (currently Footura uses the Basic version with limited  functionalities and only for Android devices)
  • Promo campaigns for 1 year (Online and offline) for Yoppee and for parallel youth information and empowerment campaigns: 250 EUR total
  • Administrative costs (for 1 year) which include office rent, overheads, payment of subscriptions for mobile operators, website maintenance, stationery, consumables, etc. for the total value of 400 EUR. 
  • Technical equipment for the team of Footura - purchase of 2 devices with iOS, two devices with Android, as well as 2 computers with modern OS and functionalities: 1700 EUR total.
  • Legal service for consulting on the texts on the mandatory Rights of use, Disclaimer, GDPR, etc. 200 EUR total

About the Footura Association

FOOTURA’s main objectives are the development and promotion of sport as a tool for positive social impact. Our special target groups are youth and disadvantaged people, this is why we promote amateur and college sport in order to help these people be active and see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle – because we in Footura believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy and happy life. Through our rich experience and expertise, we go far beyond the framework of a sports organization and offer much broader public impact-related not only to sports but also to various other spheres.

Another primary goal of Footura is to help young people to realize their sports, educational, and life (personal) potential. Footura combines several socially significant features in a unique way  - sport and healthy lifestyle, sport and science, sport and charity, sports and youth, sport, and the UN SDG. For us, it is important that, although very difficult, we have development and success in each of these features, due to a lot of labor and persistence, demonstrating that we can improve society.