Bitcoin's future is in microtransactions!

Bitcoin's future is in microtransactions!
Published on: 27.07.2016
Sending 1/100th of a USD cent or smaller amounts means that now even "insignificant" tasks can be monetized. This has the potential to change the advertising industry. By allowing users to pay for usage, not by providing information about their personality, including habits and interests (which more and more people start to consider as privacy intrusion), but by paying miniscule amounts corresponding to the services they use or the content they access, micropayments can change your online experience for the better.

Former Chief Architect of Netscape and Mozilla -  Brendan Eich - has recognized this revolutionary advantage of cryptocurrencies and is now working on a new type of browser – Brave. are trying to create a place where good content creators receive bitcoins instead of likes, are allowing video creators to monetize their digital creations with cryptocurrency and ZapChain are creating a forum where constructive criticism and good questions earn you monetary value.

This is only the beginning.

There is a whole new web that is being created – the Machine-Payable Web (MPW). Thanks to the “soon-to-be-implemented” software improvements in the Bitcoin protocol such as Segregated Witness, Sidechains and Lightning Network, this vision of a better web will take a giant leap forward towards reality.

A firm supporter of this vision, the Founder and Director of has published a piece in Medium, describing the first implementation of the MPW, realized by 21 Inc.

Check out his Medium article on becoming part of that new web by using the guides provided by 21 Inc. and a Raspberry Pi 3 mini-computer.

Image: "All about IOTA: microtransactions and the IoT",