BitHope Activity Reports for 20` and 21`

BitHope Activity Reports for 20` and 21`
Published on: 09.12.2022

You may have thought that BitHope is no more. Yes, we know, it's our fault for not providing you with updates earlier. The truth is that we did manage to support thirteen campaigns in the last two years, but did not manage to publish the reports as it was customary (and expected) by our donors. Apologies! We will try do better going forward.

Without further ado, here are the thirteen campaigns which were supported in 2020 and 2021:


  • The campaign - BGN 306 (EUR 156)
  • The “Venezuelan Families” project by Where is Willie Foundation - BGN 674.38 (EUR 344.80). This is a follow-up to our 2019 campaign
  • A campaign in support of the first Bulgarian mini satellite - BGN 1623 (EUR 829.82)
  • Our continued support of the Bulgarian crypto community - BGN 201.93 (EUR 103.24)
  • The „Open Sports Festivals“ campaign by Footura Association - BGN 1086 (EUR 555.26)


  • Two campaigns for - BGN 2243 (EUR 1,146.82)
  • The “Autism Today” Association - two campaigns - BGN 26060 (EUR 13,324.26)
  • The „Open Sports Festivals in 2020“ campaign by Footura Association - BGN 1567 (EUR 801.19)
  • A donation to “Our Premature Children” Association - BGN 13700 (EUR 7,004.69)
  • A donation to the “Social Future” Foundation - BGN 500 (EUR 255.64)
  • A donation to Svetlozar Donchev and his children - BGN 500 (EUR 255.64)
  • A donation for the purchase of headphones - Rusalka village - BGN 500 (EUR 255.64)
  • A donation to the “Covid-19 Consumables” campaign - BGN 1947 (EUR 995.48)

In total, we donated 50,908 BGN (26,028 EUR).

We remain committed to donating all bitcoin sent to any of the current campaigns and the general BitHope wallet address.

The BitHope Foundation continues to support the monthly Sofia Crypto Meetup events (SCM). SCM is the first meetup in Bulgaria and since 2016, it has turned into a hub for blockchain, DeFi, and crypto supporters and enthusiasts.

If you are interested in donating, you have two options:

  • Visit the campaigns section, select a campaign, and donate through your bitcoin wallet, OR
  • Go to the page that lists BitHope's general bitcoin wallet and send some crypto bits. We forward 100% of bitcoins received there to current and future campaigns.

Thank you for the crypto love! Every satoshi matters!

Image credit: Traxer