has launched its BETA version! has launched its BETA version!
Published on: 04.08.2015
Dear friends,

After months of website development, hundreds of e-mails, official correspondence with government institutions and a great number of meetings, the project has launched in a BETA state.

Our primary goal is to help local Non-governmental organizations (NGO) discover the power of cryptocurrencies by acquiring an additional source of funding – the international Bitcoin community and bitcoin owners. There are numerous small-scale charity projects that require minimum funding to be successful and improve the world that we live in. Bitcoin has great potential to be a game-changer for them and prove its worth to the wider community. 

The project and the BitHope Foundation are established with the aim to prove to the general public that the Bitcoin community and the Bitcoin technology could be a force of good in the world. We believe that Bitcoin will gradually enter the mainstream through real-world applications and we think we can help. Anyone could find an application for this revolutionary technology – even social sciences majors like us.

We know that in the cryptocurrencies world especially, transparency is the foundation of trust. We have devoted much effort in this respect and will continue to do so in the future. Apart from our mandatory reporting to the national institutions, we have envisioned the provision of detailed information regarding the funds and their usage after a campaign is completed. Accumulation of funds is done with a unique, offline generated, “cold-stored” Bitcoin address, whose private key has never touched the internet - for each campaign. After a campaign has finished the generated bitcoins are either sent directly to the beneficiary (the default action perhaps in the future) or directed towards the exchange where they will be converted to fiat and transferred to the final recipient, all in accordance with the contract between the BitHope Foundation and the beneficiary. Full transparency for the latter process is the norm – all important information will be presented on the “Completed campaigns” page as it becomes available.

We foresee a great diversity of campaigns at the time of our official launch. In the beginning of September a competition, open to the whole NGO sector, will be started. This will open the doors of the platform to the entire Bulgarian NGO community. The competition will be promoted as to reach the greatest number of NGOs in the country. In order to ensure the high level of transparency that we strive for – all organizations that would like a campaign hosted on our platform will have to provide us with essential information about themselves, their mission and specific goals. Our team, together with professionals from the NGO sector will select the first campaigns on the non-BETA platform.

Exciting times are ahead of us! We still have much to do and we are just now entering the most difficult time for any new project – proving its worth and credibility. We hope that you see the value of our initiative and imagine how it can grow in the future. 

The aim of this BETA is to initiate a dialogue – we want to find out what do you think about the project and how we can improve it before the official launch, scheduled for October this year. Please send us your comments, questions or identified bugs at: [email protected]  

Thank you for your support and please,
“Send a bit of hope!”

The BitHope Foundation team