More ways to donate cryptocurrency!

More ways to donate cryptocurrency!
Published on: 16.05.2016
We are happy to announce the addition of more ways to donate cryptocurrency to the official Bitcoin address of the BitHope Foundation*. Now anyone visiting our general donations page, will be able to send digital hope using BitPay and ChangeTip.

We are also adding two additional and very interesting donation options - ShapeShift and IndieSquare.

Shapeshift allows automatic conversion of 36 cryptocurrencies to bitcoin. No account needed. There is also no exchange fee, or service fee. The only fee that is paid is the one provided to the miners. Please look at this table to find out what is the miners’ fee for each supported cryptocurrency.

Using the ShapeShift button you will be able to send us, for example, Litecoin/DASH/Ripple/Ether which will be immediately converted into bitcoins and sent to the Bitcoin address of the Foundation.

Sending cryptocurrency through ShapeShift is super easy and intuitive. Just select the type of coins you would like to donate, press "Submit" and donate an amount in accordance with your preference:

The most interesting way to donate bitcoins, however, is to use your IndieSquare wallet. Please look atthis short article, explaining what IndieSquare is and why it is a great way to donate bitcoins.

The BitHope Foundation Team

*All donations received at the official Bitcoin address of the BitHope Foundation are used to support one or more of the charities that have announced a campaign on the website.