Completed campaigns before year's end!

Completed campaigns before year's end!
Published on: 29.12.2016

We are happy to announce that two of our charitable campaigns were completed just before the end of 2016!

The "Support Children With Learning Difficulties" campaign generated 0.931448 BTC. They were exchanged at Kraken and resulted in a financial support in fiat equal to 1283 BGN (~658 EUR / 687 USD).The funds have been transferred to and received by The Centre for Inclusive Education. They will be used for professional consultations with specialist to children with learning difficulties.

Detailed information about how the funds were spent by the partner non-profit organization will be provided to the BitHope Foundation and will be available for download at the completed campaign's page at All information that has been generated so far is already available there.

The second completed campaign was “Every Child Deserves a Holiday”. It generated 0.4752 BTC. The fiat amount that was transferred to the “Nadezhda” Foundation is 767 BGN (~393 EUR / 410 USD). You can find more information on the completed campaign page.


Both campaigns received 95% of all generated funds in accordance with the agreements that were signed between the BitHope Foundation and the respective non-profit entity. All relevant taxes were paid by the BitHope Foundation. The bank transfer amount to the partner non-profits was determined by the following formula:

Generated bitcoins * BTC/EUR Exchange rate (Kraken) * EUR/BGN Exchange rate (1.95 BGN/EUR) * 0.95

Our KYC procedure for non-profits that want to announce a campaign at has been especially devised to ensure the funds' proper spending. You can learn more about the process of announcing a campaign with us by reading this short article.

In addition, we strive to be as transparent as possible with all our campaigns. All the information that we have, you have.

Thank you for sending some of your increasingly more valuable cryptocurrency to our charitable campaigns.

We appreciate your every satoshi. 

Please continue to "Send a bit of hope!"

The BitHope Foundation Team