Published on: 12.01.2018

An Update About Our Work in 2017

2017 was an exiting year and although we have been quiet, much has happened in the background. To get an update on what is new at BitHope and what campaigns we managed to support, have a look at this article.

Published on: 10.06.2017

Successfully Completed Campaigns!

Another two campaigns just got completed! Due to the recent price rise of bitcoin, the financial goals were surpassed. Through, not only speculators experienced the price rise, but also charities.

Published on: 11.02.2017 with a "40 under 40" Award founder and director is one of this year's "40 under 40" Bulgarians. The honorable distinction is granted by a jury for his work on bitcoin donations in service to the non-profit sector. Get the details below.